Press Release March 16, 2021

Press Release March 16, 2021

We are a Worcester, MA based clinical Laboratories invested in helping local communities and businesses thrive during the pandemic and beyond.

NyLa Laboratories is built on the idea that same day resulting of infectivity testing saves lives and would promote community health for you, your family, your staff and your patients and contribute to the stability for your business.

We are a world class CLIA certified/COLA accredited laboratory owned and operated by world renowned laboratory medicine experts with decades of demonstrated experience in developing and implementing high quality novel tests in clinical laboratories. Our leadership has extensive training and record in providing excellent patient care.

We are laser focused on being your trusted partner for your same day testing needs to help you make data driven decisions in real time.

Experienced staff and Laboratories leadership at NyLa Laboratories is looking forward to meeting your testing needs to offer you the highest quality and fastest turnaround times in the metro-west area so that you can take care of your patients, staff and dear ones in a timely manner.

What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

NyLa Laboratories is currently housed within the headquarters of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives(MBI), a world class organization that serves as a catalyst for life science and healthcare innovation.

With the amalgamation of their world class incubators and technologies along with our laboratorial leadership, NyLa provides the most efficient and time sensitive results in New England.

Although a two day turnaround time is commonly accepted, NyLa Laboratories firmly believes that COVID confirmatory results delivered later than a day can hinder optimal patient care.

Our RT-PCR test is conducted by using a gold standard EUA approved test (sensitivity and specificity of 100% as evaluated by government agencies) and results are delivered the same day (as early as a few hours in most cases).

Additionally, NyLa Laboratories' RT-PCR test can differentiate between the new variants/mutations of the virus.

Our tests can identify the South African, UK, and Danish Variants. All these benefits help NyLa Laboratories work with you to make sample collection from your patients or you a quick, flexible, accurate and painless process.