Ensure Your Employees' Heath

Turn to us for employee laboratory screening tests in Worcester, MA

Operating your business safely starts with regular testing. NyLa Laboratories in Worcester, MA tests for all strains of COVID-19 during COVID-19 employee screenings, including the delta variant. We pool five to 10 swabs together for efficient on-site testing, and we use an entire network of phlebotomists for processing results.

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Who do we offer screenings for?

It doesn't matter what kind of operation you're in charge of - our team can provide employee laboratory screening tests for your employees. We can provide testing services for:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Movie shoots and sets
  • Labs and pharmaceutical companies
We'll set up a testing site at your location and pair our technicians with a network of phlebotomists. This network can complete testing for thousands of employees a day, so we can manage testing for operations of all sizes. With our active infection RT-PCR testing, we always have results within six hours. Speak to one of our team members today to set up COVID-19 employee screening.